10 Desk Decor Ideas to Make Your Workspace Unique

10 Desk Decor Ideas to Make Your Workspace Unique

Desk decor is a great way to make your workspace more fun and inspiring. You can do so many things to give your office space a personal touch, like adding plants or keeping track of what's on your vision board. Here are some ideas for decorating your desk:

Get a fun desk lamp.

If you're looking for extra flair and interest, a lamp is an easy way to bring in color and style. A bright yellow or orange lamp could give your workspace some zest, while a black and white desk lamp might help you focus on getting work done.

A desk lamp can also be an opportunity for self-expression—or it can show off your favorite hobby by featuring the logo of your favorite sports team, band, or TV show.

Create a vision board.

  • Use a vision board to stay motivated.

A vision board is a large poster with images, words, and phrases to help you visualize your goals. You may want to include photos of happy places, objects representing success, and anything else inspiring you. As you set up your workspace, take some time to add items onto the board that reflects your interests or hobbies—these are the things that make us who we are! If not creating an actual physical board, pin up motivational quotes on Pinterest or create a collage by printing images from magazines and gluing them together artfully."

Keep your charger in a cute cup.

Keeping your charger in a cute cup is a great way to make your workspace more interesting. Use a cup that is easy to find and keep in the same place every time you use it so it’s convenient for you when you need to. It’s also important that the cup be easy to clean and out of reach of children and pets as well as other people who may try to eat or drink from it.

Use creative storage boxes.

Storage boxes are a great option to add fun and creativity to your workspace. Whether you use them to organize the small items on your desk or create storage for more oversized items, colored storage boxes are an easy way to make your space unique.

If you're looking for ways to keep things tidy, store pens and pencils in one box, sticky notes in another, highlighters in another (and so on). You can even use decorative containers as desktop organizers—a great way to add personality without taking up too much space. Or, if you need something with more room: try using a few large containers instead of several smaller ones. This will ensure that all the supplies you need are within reach when it's time to work!

Paint your file cabinet.

It can be simple, but it will help you stay organized and motivated. If you have chalkboard paint, use it! You can write down your goals, things to do, and lists of accomplishments for the day. This will help keep your mind focused on what needs to be done instead of worrying about forgetting something important or putting off tasks until later.

Fill up a metal caddy with pens and other office supplies.

This is one of the best ways to keep your desk clutter-free and organized. You can quickly put this on top of your desk or place it in a drawer that will be out of sight but within easy reach. I prefer this method because it allows me to separate my different types of supplies (pens vs. highlighters, etc.), which helps keep things nice and neat!

Add some pretty shelving to the wall.

Shelving is a great way to add storage space and can also be used as a decorative element. If you're looking for something simple and inexpensive, consider using a pegboard on your wall or in the closet. It's easy to hang and organize all your craft supplies in one place!

If your office has an open layout, try adding some floating shelves to the wall behind you. These will act as a backdrop for any art pieces or framed photos you want on display while providing extra storage space.

Put a fantastic chair in your office space.

A good chair is an investment that will pay off in your productivity, comfort, and health.

If you don't have a chair at work, get one. If you can't afford to buy a great one right now, find some extra cash and do it. The cost of not having a supportive seat may be higher than what you think: if you feel sore all day and have been doing this for years, imagine how much money the pain has cost you over time! You can buy an excellent office chair for under $100 or build your own for less than that.

Put plants on your desk!

If you're looking for a way to make your workspace feel like home, try putting plants on your desk! Plants are good for you. They can help you be more productive, relax, focus and reduce stress—all while making it look like there's some life growing inside that office building.

Plants have been shown to help reduce eye strain by as much as 50%. In addition, they've been linked with lower blood pressure and improved moods. So if keeping one of these little guys around helps keep your mind clear and focused (and isn't that what we all want?), then why not bring one into the office with you?

By adding some creative decor, you can make a workspace more fun and inspiring.

  • Add a plant. Having greenery in the office is proven to increase productivity by 15%, so it's worth the investment.

  • Hang up a picture of your family or pets. This can be especially helpful if you're working from home and miss them while at work—it'll remind you why you're putting in all those hours!

  • Get a fun desk lamp that matches your aesthetic or personality, like this one from Amazon or Target (I have both). If your workplace frowns upon using personal items, try this geometric-shaped lamp that looks good but still blends in with most offices' decor (it comes in white or black!).

  • Create an inspiration board for when you need some extra motivation throughout the day. For example, you can find ideas on Pinterest; these boards are super cute! Alternatively, if there's something specific that gets your creative juices flowing (painting? photography? interior design?), put together an old shoebox full of photos and magazine clippings related to whatever inspires you—or use scrapbooking supplies like washi tape and stickers to create something more unique than just sticking everything onto a posterboard!


I hope these desk decor ideas have inspired you to make your workspace more exciting! Having a comfortable and functional office space is essential, but it can also be fun and inspiring. Decorating with things like plants, artwork, and another decor will help you feel more inspired when working on projects or meeting with clients. Even if you don’t have a ton of space available in your home office, there are still plenty of ways to get creative with how you decorate so that it doesn’t look too cluttered or messy while still being functional enough for everyday use

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