10 Thoughtful Anniversary Gift Ideas That Won't Break The Budget

10 Thoughtful Anniversary Gift Ideas That Won't Break The Budget

The best anniversary gift ideas are the ones that show you know your partner. For example, if your partner loves to cook, get them a new set of pots and pans. If they love to read, buy them a book about their favorite subject. And if they're really into movies and TV shows, consider getting them tickets for a concert or special screening of their favorite film at a local theater. However, not everyone has unlimited funds—which is why we've rounded up ten thoughtful anniversary gifts that won't break the bank:

Buy tickets to a concert or show.

  • Consider the couple's tastes. If you know that your wife loves stand-up comedy, buy tickets to see a comedian she has been dying to see!

  • Don't forget to use a gift card if you don't have enough money. If they are having an anniversary and want to go on vacation but can't afford it, consider getting them an Amazon gift card for their trip instead of buying more stuff around the house that no one needs anyway (I'm looking at all of us).

  • Don't buy tickets too far away or expensively priced because it becomes less thoughtful and more like, "Oh wow, thanks for taking care of my finances so nicely."

Get the couple a gift card to a local coffee shop or hotel.

If you want to give your partner a thoughtful gift without spending too much money, consider getting them a gift card. Gift cards are great because they show that you care about the recipient and their interests without breaking the bank or going into debt to ensure your partner gets something nice.

Gift cards are also super easy for the recipient--they can use them anywhere! You can even personalize it with a message on the back of their card if you want (make sure not to write anything embarrassing). The best part? You don't need special skills or experience; anyone can buy one online by searching for a "gift card" in Google or Bing search engines!

There are many places where these items can be purchased online at affordable prices--type "buy gift card" into either search engine above and see what comes up!

Purchase tickets to a museum or aquarium.

If you want an anniversary gift that won't break the bank, consider purchasing tickets to a museum or aquarium. The ticket prices are often less than $50, and it's a great way to spend time together as a couple or with your family. You can go on a date night and visit one of these places or even invite some friends over for dinner at home after spending the afternoon at one of these establishments.

A nice bottle of wine.

You don't have to spend much money on an anniversary gift.

A nice bottle of wine can be had for less than $50, even less if you buy it at a discount store or from a local vineyard. Wine is something that people often don't buy for themselves but will appreciate when you give it as a gift.

Make a meal together and deliver it to the couple's home so that they can enjoy it with minimal effort.

This is an excellent idea for couples who love to cook together and want to spend more time in the kitchen. You can make something easy to prepare and eat, like pizza or tacos. Or you could make something family favorite, like lasagna or chicken parmesan. If you know the couple has specific dietary needs (gluten-free? or vegan?), this will also be helpful!

It's important not just because it will help them save money on takeout dinners but because it shows that you care about them and their health--and maybe even their waistlines!

An anniversary photo book filled with photos from the past year.

A great way to celebrate your first year together is by creating a photo book of all the fun things you've done in that time, or even just some of them. You can make one yourself using an app like Shutterfly or Picaboo or order it through a company like Mpix (which also offers other types of books) if you want something fancier than what's available online. Once it arrives at your door, please keep it on display so everyone can enjoy looking back at how much fun (and growth!) has happened over this past year!

A couples massage certificate.

This is an excellent idea for a couple with no spare time but would love some extra "me" time together. You can get these certificates at many spas and salons, and they usually come in packages ranging from 1 hour to 3 hours long. For example, The Spa at Mandarin Oriental offers couples massages ranging from $350 per person (for 60 minutes) up to $1,000 per person (120 minutes). If you're looking for something more affordable and convenient, check out Groupon's list of discounted spa deals in your area!

A romantic getaway weekend, including airfare and a hotel room (or two).

If you are paying for this yourself, ensure it's worth it. You don't want to spend $1,000 on an anniversary present that the couple might not be able to use because they already have plans or can't afford it themselves!

Used books or DVDs/Blu-ray discs that you know are something the couple would like.

You can use books and DVDs/Blu-ray discs to express your feelings for the couple. If they're book lovers, buy them a used copy of their favorite novel or some other literary treasure. If they're movie buffs who love old black-and-whites, pick up an old film that might not be available on DVD anymore (but will be soon).

Or you could buy them something fun to do together: tickets to a play or musical performance, season passes for local attractions like museums or zoos--whatever strikes your fancy!

Whatever you choose, these thoughtful gifts won't break the bank but will remind your loved ones how much they mean to you on this special day.

You don't have to spend much money on an anniversary gift.

You don't need to spend much money on an anniversary gift. The most important thing is showing your partner that you care, not how much money you spend or what kind of gift you buy them. You can save money by doing things together as a couple, like going out for dinner or seeing a movie. If you want to buy something special, look for used items online or at garage sales; this way, your budget won't break under all the pressure!


If you're looking for a thoughtful gift but don't want to spend much money on it, we hope these ideas will help. We know how hard it can be to create something special for your partner on an anniversary, but we also believe it doesn't have to cost much money! Whether you choose one or all ten of these suggestions, your partner will appreciate that they mean so much more than just another gift card or box of chocolates--they show how much thought went into this gift by someone who cares deeply about them.

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