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4 Canvas Prints to Hang in Your Living Room

Bought a new house and wondering how to decorate your living room? Or are you just looking for interesting ideas to spruce up your old home? If yes, then these canvas prints deserve your attention.

Every decoration item for the living room must coordinate with the other elements, or else the main area of your home can look like a hot mess.

Rather than wasting your energy in finding the right ready-to-hang artwork, consider a custom canvas. Here are four canvas prints that will make your living room more aesthetically appealing: 

Custom Oil Painting Wedding Picture Canvas

Whether you’ve been married for 25 years or just 25 days, your wedding day is the most memorable moment of your life. Flaunt it proudly with our custom oil painting wedding picture canvas.

This is one of our most loved customized art pieces created using your favorite picture and digitally edited to provide the highest resolution. Make the wonderful memento of your wedding day the focal point of your living area.

Black and White Custom Wedding Song Canvas

Do you already have plenty of pictures from your wedding day in the living area and are looking for something different? Well, a couple never forgets their first dance as husband and wife, do they?


Just like your vows, the first dance is extra special. Reminisce the memories of your wedding day with our black and white custom wedding song canvas. It comes with lyrics printed in the background to help you remind yourself of the very reason why that song was your choice for the first dance!

Rustic Canvas for Family

After getting married, every memory built together is precious, especially when you transition from a couple to a family. Show your friends and family how you’re proud of the things you’ve accomplished together with our rustic canvas for family.


Made using high museum quality printing, you can customize it in any way you want. Right under the family name comes the names of your children. D you have pets that are just like your babies? Add their names to the canvas too.

Family Portrait Illustration Canvas

Whether it’s a picture from your children’s childhood that makes you smile every time or a contemporary family portrait, convert it into beautiful wall art with our family portrait illustration canvas.


Our talented artists spend hours creating the perfect portrait illustration for your family. From nailing the freckles on the skin to the spark in your eyes, there’s no detail that we miss out on. Once it’s ready, our team will send a draft for your final approval.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect custom canvas for your home or a heart-felt wedding present, Amour Prints has a solution for every occasion. From music notes canvas prints to customized canvas prints for your baby room, we have a wide variety for you to choose from.

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