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6 Unique Date Night Gift Ideas

Love is a strong emotion, and it gets stronger and deeper with shared experiences and understanding.

So, if both of you have decided to gift each other on a date night, it's time to start thinking. Check out our take for the very best date night gifts that'll make your partner feel loved and connected to you.

Take Them on a Travel Date While Being at Home

This is a unique take on date night gifts. Find out what country your partner loves or wants to visit, and create a gift basket around that. If your significant other is obsessed with Japan, gift them a Japanese Gift Basket with some sushi, green tea, a bottle of Sake, some Japanese exotic treats, and perhaps a bonsai tree Lego.

Similarly, take whichever country your SO loves, and enjoy an evening of culture with them!

A Sensual Date Night

Take a break from everyday life, and this date night, light up some candles, play some soft music, prop up some fresh flowers, and order food from a restaurant you both enjoy. Let it be a relaxing moment for both of you to enjoy each other's company.

An Online Cooking Class

If you and your partner are all about food, then book yourselves an online cooking class amidst the pandemic so you both can enjoy each other's company while cooking the food that you love. Cooking is an experience, and sharing it with the one you love just heightens the whole thing.


Gift Them a Plant Stand

If your partner is a plant-enthusiast, gift them a plant stand they can keep inside their home and showcase their plants. On a second note, you can also gift them a terrarium set and watch them grow their own tiny eco-system!

Give Them a Vinyl Album

If they're a music lover, chances are they have a record album they're deeply crazy after. How about getting them a vinyl record that they can either keep safely or play on their record player (if they have one, or consider gifting this too!)


A MixTape Couple Names and Date Canvas

If you want to give something truly remarkable, gift your partner our customizable mixtape canvas. Because it's customizable, we will print your partner's song lyrics on the canvas along with both your names and the date of your wedding or first date. It's sure to leave them a little teary.

Custom Wedding Sheet Music Print

Are you both married and enjoying a relaxing date night? Give your partner something they'll cherish forever. Remind them of the day you got married by gifting them our custom wedding sheet music canvas. It'll have a wedding photo, your couple song lyrics, along with your names and the date of the wedding. It doesn't get more romantic than this!


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