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Benefits of Art in Your Home Office

The arrival of the pandemic signaled the start of work from home for most people. Some problems that came with work-from-home are loneliness, motivation, and feeling stressed out because workers aren’t in the same environment.

Many have tried to combat these issues by emulating their original office space. But there are other ways as well. You can put up plants and artwork in your home office.

People underestimate the benefits of art and how it can shape our experiences. Here’s why you should add art to your home office.

Increases Productivity

Hanging art around your workstation is likely to increase productivity. People’s motivation and mood are positively affected by the presence of art. A study shows respondents believe that art displayed in the workspace played a role in enhancing the work environment.

Having control over the outlook of one’s workspace increases productivity and motivation. The higher the motivation, the more likely you’re likely to finish work on time and spend the rest of your day on relaxing and recreational activities.

Lowered Stress Levels

Being stressed out by your job is alright sometimes, but not always. Too much stress will hinder your productivity and negatively affect the way you feel about your job.

Studies and surveys prove that viewing artwork can lower stress levels; works of art are even used in medical settings to help patients recover.

Improved Creativity

Adding art to the workspace is an excellent idea for people who work jobs requiring creativity and thinking up unique solutions.

Looking at art makes you naturally curious and stimulates parts of the brain responsible for creativity and the innate aptitude for making up patterns and shapes.


Lowers Eye Strain

Everyone who’s been working and studying from home has experienced some form of eye strain. You can’t constantly look at a screen, and having art around encourages giving some rest to your eyes.

Makes You Open to Communication

Art brings out an emotional response from within us and opens a door for communication. Even if you’re working from home, there are online meetings and video conferences where you can see the other person’s background.

Seeing art in your room while you’re working emulates the same feeling when looking at artwork hanging in the office. It makes you feel like you’re back in your office instead of your own house.

Increased Motivation

You can customize portraits and art pieces to match your aesthetics and have slogans written on them that you know would motivate you.

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