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Best Canvas Prints: 7 Canvas Styles Suitable for Any Home

Canvas prints can be the difference between a good and great look for your home. Whether decorating your home or office, canvas prints can elevate the look of your space. You can get personalized canvas prints to match the décor of your home. The best print will depend on your decorating idea. Once you’ve figured out how to decorate, you can browse custom canvas prints online to choose the best one that fits your needs.

Here are seven canvas styles that are suitable for any home.

Gallery-Wrapped Prints

Some of the most popular canvas styles are single-piece gallery-wrapped ones. These are photos that have been professionally printed and stretched around the corners of a wooden frame. These are lightweight and can be easily hung in any room. They’re widely used in interior decoration projects due to their contemporary nature.

Framed Canvas Prints

Framed canvas prints are preferred by people looking for a vintage touch with finer details and the texture of a canvas print. Frames add an extra touch of depth to the canvas prints and are useful if you need your art to stand out. You can choose different colors for your wooden frame that match the color theme of your home.

Collage Canvas Prints

You can unleash the artist inside you by creating your custom collage canvas prints! These are a good way to personalize the walls in your home. A collage canvas can be used for multiple photos or a single photo with varied styles. You could consider stacked, squared, or panoramic styles to give that customized touch to your home.

Panoramic Style

These canvas styles are best suited to display landscapes, wildlife, or cityscape art or photography. Furthermore, if you want to display group wedding pictures or want to frame a photo of your birthday which has all your friends then you should consider getting a panoramic style frame. These are an innovative way to decorate your home, especially if you have large empty spaces on your walls in your living room or behind your bed in your bedroom.

Hanging Prints

You can also utilize the empty space on your walls by opting for a hanging canvas print. These pieces of contemporary canvas wall art prints can transform your empty wall into something unique and beautiful. You can put up photos of a memorable trip into a hanging canvas print, or your wedding photos.

map pictures on a wooden frame

Art For Kids

If you want to add a unique touch to your child’s bedroom, you can choose canvas art pieces. These can include pictures of their childhood with their name written in different styles and shapes. You can also create a canvas for any art or drawings your kids have made. These are small yet unique pieces that your kids will cherish forever!

Now that you understand the several types of canvas styles perfect for any home, you might be looking for a reliable company to supply your canvas needs. Check out our vast collection of custom canvas at Amour Prints.

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