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How to Choose a Photo for an Anniversary Gift Canvas Print

Giving a custom canvas print to your partner on your wedding anniversary is always a great romantic gesture that they will remember for life. Personalized products are a great way to express your love and emotion to your significant half. Adding a photo on a canvas immortalizes significant memories that you both shared in your life. Looking at these photos every day, hanging on your wall will give constantly remind you of what you mean to each other.


Don’t worry if you’re stuck on which photo to choose for the anniversary gift canvas print, we’ll help you out. Here’s how you can choose the perfect photo for your wedding anniversary canvas print.

Be Rational

Everyone is a little skeptical about their physical appearance and many of us can be picky with selecting the perfect photo. Therefore, it is important to consider the perspective of your partner when choosing a photo. Now you may love every single photo of your significant one but remember that they might not.

Make sure your partner will think they look as good as you always think they do. If you’re unsure, then you can always consult someone who knows your partner inside out such as their parents or siblings.

Pick an Appropriate Photo

Your favorite memory with your loved one might be a crazy and adventurous trip overseas or an exciting evening somewhere. You might even have several pictures of that trip that reflect the chemistry and love between you two. You may feel it’s perfect for an anniversary canvas gift but think again. Is it appropriate to put that picture on the canvas?

couple holding hands and walking on the beach

Consider All Aspects of The Photo

Once you’ve shortlisted your pictures, you should consider the photographic elements of the picture. You need to choose a photo which is has good composition, vivid colors, and is taken in a good setting. Furthermore, it is crucial to choose a picture with a high-quality ratio and good DPI as that will determine how high-quality the final print will be. 

If required, edit the picture on decent software. Crop unnecessary items and improve the color quality. You don’t need to be an expert to do all these, and always remember that less editing is the way to go for a natural look. 

Once you’ve decided on a quality photo, you’d need the help of an expert such as Amour Prints to help you with your canvas. We provide the best quality canvas that you can customize to your liking. Our range of products includes custom music art canvas, wedding song lyric canvas art, custom couple music canvas, and more. So don’t wait till the last minute and order your anniversary gift today!

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