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How to Decorate a Living Room

Whether you’re more into a traditional homestyle or love all things contemporary and bold, your living room should be a space where you’re completely comfortable. It can just be yourself around friends and family. Designing a living room may feel daunting, but we promise you it’s easier than you think.

Here are a few design tips you should keep in mind:

Always Measure Your Space

Before you go on and make drastic changes and decisions about your living room, you should have a definite idea of its measurements. With proper measurements, you’re less likely to mess up room furnishings, rugs, paintings, and more.

Measuring the living room beforehand will also save you time and money — you won't have to return furniture and accessories!


What’s the Aesthetic You’re Going For?

Determine where you want to go with your living room design: do you want a rustic farmhouse vibe, a chic boho look, or something completely modern and bold? You don’t have to commit to one look either, but an overall scheme is important.

Room Boards Are Important

Before shopping, you should consider how your furniture will function in a space. How are you going to align it all? Make a room board and catch mistakes early on — it’ll save you a lot of hassle later.

Shopping Time

You don’t have to purchase everything at once; start with the larger furniture pieces like the sofa, or the rug and start building from there. Invest in the best furniture you can; you’re very likely to spend lots of time in the living room.

Decorate the Walls

It doesn't matter what the overall styleee of your home is; blank walls are always a no-no. Walls add character to a room, so adorn your living room with artwork, custom canvases, decorative pieces, mirrors, artifacts, and more.

Add in Greenery

And don’t forget to add in plants — they are the perfect finishing touch in living rooms.

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