How To Hang A Canvas

How To Hang A Canvas Print

If you have a canvas print, you might wonder how best to hang it. The good news is that hanging a canvas print is relatively easy and can be done in minutes. All you need is essential tools, a hammer and nails or picture hooks, and your imagination. We'll walk through each step here so that you can get started on your next masterpiece.

Decide where you're going to hang your canvas

Before you begin, decide where you're going to hang your canvas. Make sure there's enough space on the wall to see it from a few areas of the house: the living room, bedroom, or kitchen. If a specific area is essential to you—like if your daughter wants her portrait hung in her bedroom—make sure it's visible from there as well.

Be careful not to hang it too high or low (you don't want anyone straining their neck). You may also want to ensure enough light for viewing purposes; this will depend on your lighting situation and the location of the power outlets (if applicable).

Weigh the canvas

You'll also need to consider how heavy the canvas print is. Because canvas prints are made of natural fiber, they're durable and heavy. You should always hang your canvas print on wall studs for maximum support and security—if you don't have studs in your walls, use drywall anchors instead (they come in various sizes). If it's still too heavy for even those supports to handle, consider hanging your print with picture hooks instead of nails or screws; these will get the job done without damaging your walls or ceiling if they need to be removed later in the line.

Mark and measure (twice!) the wall.

Once you've chosen a spot on the wall, use a pencil and ruler to mark where you want the print to go. Depending on how large your canvas is and how far away it will be hanging from the floor, ensure to measure it at eye level so everyone can see it when they walk into your home. Measure down from the ceiling at an angle so that when you hang your print exactly where these marks are, it will be level with someone standing in front of it.

When measuring where on your wall you want this piece of art to go, remember that there may also be other things hanging up that have been there for some time—like cabinets or light fixtures. It's essential not only for symmetry (or lack thereof) but also for safety reasons: if something catches fire because its electrical wire was too close to another electrical wire above or below, who knows what damage could happen?

Hammer in a nail

Now it's time to hammer in that nail! You'll want to use a hammer, and a long screwdriver-like tool called a "nail set." The nail set is used to push the head of the nail below the surface of your wall, so you can't see it.

To start with, find the studs in your wall—this will be much easier if you have an older house or one with plaster or brick walls (studs are usually inside these). If not, look for any place where drywall is on both sides of the area behind which you're trying to hang your picture; this part should be pretty easy since most walls have studs behind them. Hammering into drywall without hitting a stud could cause damage and make holes in your wall!

Once you've found where all three are located (two vertical pieces running from floor to ceiling and one horizontal piece across), go ahead and screw through two nails at each location using whatever method works best for you—I tend towards using electric drills rather than manual ones because I'm impatient but if that doesn't work out then use whatever feels right! When finished with this step, move on to Step 7 by sliding those frames back into place over those nails we put in earlier--that'll hold everything together while we continue working on other aspects...

Hang your canvas print

To hang your canvas print, you must first nail it into place. Position the nail on the top right corner of your canvas (or wherever you want), ensuring it's level with the wall. Once you're happy with its placement, hammer the nail into a stud using a rubber mallet or hammer. Then, hang up any other frames or artwork in your home!

Canvas prints are easy to hang.

Canvas prints are easy to hang. They can be hung on the wall or the ceiling using a hammer and nail or a picture hook. Depending on your preference, they can also be hung in a group or individually.


If you’ve followed this guide, you should now know how to hang a canvas print! We hope your canvas print looks great on your wall and will last for years.

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