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How to Make a Home Office Cozy

Did you know how your home office decor can play a major role in boosting your work performance? Don’t believe us? Try them out for yourself.

Whether it’s a 9 to 5 office job you need space for or crafting and reading, a home office should be cozy enough to inspire new ideas and a flow of creativity. If your home office is sad and boring, it can demotivate you, resulting in poor performance.

Here's how to decorate a home office!

Green. Green. Green.

Why do we go out for a walk when we feel sad? Because nature helps you relax and feel better. In the same way, when you’re feeling stuck during office work, having greenery around can keep you calm and relaxed. Plus, it’s a great way of adding some life and color to the room too.

Place some mood uplifting plants in your office in some cute little pots.

Don’t Forget to be Artsy

It’s important to decorate your home office with images that actually speak to you and can inspire you. For example, if you’re a lyricist, there must be that one song that helps you get out of the dead zone and get inspired.

Get our custom name and sheet music canvas to have something to motivate you every time you feel stuck.

Get a Rug

A visual aid can play a massive role in making your surroundings look attractive and appealing; make your home office look visually interesting with a colorful rug that absorbs extra sound.

Based on the theme going around your home office, find a rug that best complements your room. It doesn’t have to be big; even a small rug that your work table can sit on will do the job.

Customized Illustrations

There is nothing more powerful in the world than the motivation to provide your family with the best.


Get a cute and custom illustration of the family portrait to help you focus on work during the rough patch. Our team can customize the portrait any way you like to ensure it matches the theme of your home office.

Let Some Light In

Don’t be afraid of the sunlight and let it flow in your home office. Apart from natural light making your space look bigger, it’ll also keep your plants alive and add life to your room.

Make your home office attractive and motivating with Amour Print’s beautiful collection of custom canvases. No matter what the occasion, our canvases can fit everywhere. We provide multiple customization services, from the size to the color of the frame.

If you want to make your loved ones feel extra special, we also offer personalized song lyrics canvases along with many others.

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