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How to Show Your Cats Some Love

Loving your cats and caring for them benefits both the cats and you; cat owners have better psychological health and are less stressed than those who don't have cats. Moreover, various studies show that cats and other pets form attachments with their caregivers.

There's no such thing as loving cats too much, and there are countless ways to show your love for them. Here are some things you can do.

Feed Them Healthy Food

There are a lot of misconceptions about the feline diet. The most common myth is that milk is suitable for cats. However, that is entirely wrong!

Cats lose the ability to digest milk when they're past the weaning period. Instead of feeding them milk, you can give them fresh water to drink.

Moreover, don't stick to just cat food t. Cat food doesn't have all the nutrients to fulfill cats' dietary needs. You can give them raw or boiled meat and cat food on some days. Consult a veterinarian on your cat's dietary needs if you're confused about it.

Exercise Your Cat

You may have heard of or experienced 'catzoomies'—cats running around at odd hours due to pent-up energy. Cats need at least fifteen to twenty minutes of playtime twice a day to use up this pent-up energy.

You can help them exercise by taking your feline friend out for a walk. Tie a harness around your cat to ensure it doesn't run on the road or chase after something.

Or, you could install a cat tower where they can jump around. Even ordinary objects in the house pique cat's interest, and you can use these things to exercise your cat.

A Comfortable Bed

Cats spend twelve to sixteen hours a day sleeping. This is why you should provide a comfortable bed for your cat to sleep on. It encourages cats to sleep in one place and wake up fresh and energized.

A framed photograph

Create a Portrait

Nothing displays your love for your cat like a big picture of them in your home. You can choose to make one for your own cat or for a friend of yours who's a cat parent.

A custom portrait of your pet immortalizes your love for them, and some people get pet portraits to memorialize their pets. A portrait of your cat expresses your love for it during its life and after it's passed on.

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