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Ideas for the Perfect Personalized Wedding Gift

When it comes to shopping for a wedding gift, the easiest way to go is to check their wedding registry. It will save you time and energy, and you can pick and choose an item that is easily accessible. However, if you want to go above and beyond—choose a special personalized wedding gift.

If you don’t know where to start or what to choose, here are some ideas for the perfect personalized wedding gift.

Personalized Stationery

Writing thank you notes will probably be on every newly-married couple’s to-do list. Even though it doesn’t sound fun, you can make it more exciting for them by giving them personalized stationery. It will be the perfect gift, as your friends will love their names printed on stationery for their thank you notes. Be considerate and choose the type of stationery they normally use in their everyday life.

Printed Vows on Canvas

If the couple has written their wedding vows, then this is a gift that will be etched in their memories forever. You will have different fonts and frames to choose from, so pick the one you think will work best in your or their new home. Make sure the vows are printed, and the canvas is easy to hang for easy displaying.  

Custom Guest Book Canvas

This is one of the more unique wedding gift ideas. You can gift the couple a custom wedding guest book that will have the couple’s illustrations. What you’ll have to do is choose a picture of their engagement or any other significant event in their lives. The guests will sign the handbook at the reception which can be later displayed. A perfect reminder for the beautiful wedding day the couple had!

Custom Wedding Song Canvas Art

This is another out-of-the-box wedding gift idea. Whether giving it to your spouse or a close friend, this gift will impress! Choose the wedding song you danced your heart out to with your significant other and get that printed with your name and the date of the wedding on a beautiful canvas.

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Personalized Travel Luggage

As we enter the post-pandemic world, travel is slowly reopening, and newlywed couples are beginning to plan vacations and belated honeymoon trips. Personalized travel luggage such as passport cases, keychains, or bags can be the perfect gift for honeymooners. You can choose from a variety of colors and emboss them with stylish fonts. They will not only be useful, but will last them the rest of their lives.

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