Making Memories: 5 Creative Ideas to Celebrate Your 5th Anniversary

Making Memories: 5 Creative Ideas to Celebrate Your 5th Anniversary

As you approach the fifth anniversary of your marriage, it's time to start thinking about what you'll do to celebrate. After all, this is a milestone that deserves some extra thought and planning. So here's a list of ways you can make your fifth anniversary special:

Dinner, movie, and a game

You can plan a dinner, movie, and game night to celebrate your fifth anniversary. The idea is to get out of the house and do something fun together as a couple.

You will need:

  • A restaurant reservation (or something else you would like to do)

  • Movie tickets for one of your favorite movies (or something else you would like to watch)

  • A board game or card game that both of you enjoy playing

Wine and cheese tasting

  • Choose a venue with a private room. If you have friends, family, and/or significant others who can't make it to the wine tasting, it's best to choose a venue that will allow you to reserve an area for yourselves.

  • Make sure you have enough space for everyone at your party (and their drinks). You might want to consider having some extra tables set up in case people need more room for their glasses of wine or plates of cheese.

  • Ask the venue if they can provide wine glasses and cheese boards as well--this way everything is set up before everyone arrives so there aren't any delays once everyone starts arriving! It also helps keep things organized when there are multiple courses being served at once over multiple hours rather than just one big meal where everything needs its own plate/fork/knife etc...

A unique wedding photoshoot

For your fifth anniversary, why not try something different? A wedding photo shoot is a great way to celebrate your love, but it doesn't have to be just any old photo shoot. You can explore your local area and try out a new location--or even travel somewhere new! If you have enough people available, ask them all to help out by taking photos of the two of you together at different points in the day (for example: breakfast with coffee and pastries; lunch outside; afternoon tea). Choose one friend who's good at candid shots and ask them not only to take pictures but also point out moments when they think would make good pictures as well!

A professional photographer may be able to give you more unique ideas on how best showcase yourselves as individuals or as a couple--and if there's anything better than having someone else do all the work for us? But if finances aren't allowing it right now then don't worry; there are lots of creative alternatives which won't break the bank either!

Surprise video toast

  • Surprise video toast.

  • To create a surprise video toast, you'll need to get your partner's family and friends together for a photo shoot. Ask them to wear something that represents their relationship with your significant other (e.g., wear their favorite color if they're close friends). You can also ask them to bring pictures from throughout the years as well as gifts that represent how much they care about this couple--a photo album might be perfect!

Once everyone is ready, have someone videotape it all while another person records audio on their phone or computer so you can make sure there's no background noise while shooting the video later on in post-production software like Adobe Premier Pro CC 2019 (or any other program). Then surprise your sweetie by playing back this special footage during dinner on your anniversary night!

DIY project

DIY projects are a great way to celebrate your anniversary. You can make something that you can use together, separately, or with friends and family members. Here are some ideas for DIY projects that will help you commemorate this special day:

  • Make a photo book of your time together.

  • Take pictures at different locations around town and turn them into an art piece (or several art pieces) for your home.

  • Create a playlist of songs that remind each other of the first five years of marriage.

Try something new on your special day to make it extra memorable.

There are many ways to celebrate the fifth anniversary of your marriage. You can choose to go out with friends, take a trip around the world or even make plans for a family reunion. However, if you're looking for something more creative that will create lasting memories on this special day, here are five ideas:

  • A wine and cheese tasting session at home

  • A surprise video toast from family members who cannot attend the ceremony in person

  • A photoshoot with professional photographers (make sure it's done before guests arrive)


We hope you enjoyed these ideas for your 5th anniversary. Whether you decide to do something big or small, the most important thing is that you make it special for both of you. It's easy to get caught up in planning all the details of a wedding day or honeymoon, but don't forget about what really matters: spending time together as husband and wife!

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