New Year's Eve Date Night Ideas

New Year's Eve Date Night Ideas

New Year's Eve is the perfect time to get dressed up, go for a fancy dinner, and ring in the new year with your partner. But if that sounds like it might be too much work (and expense), don't worry. Many other date night ideas will let you both stay home and still have an amazing time together. Here are my favorites:

Take couples cooking class

When it comes to cooking, there's nothing more fun than learning a new skill together. Taking couples cooking class is a great way to bond over food and drink while having plenty of fun. After all, who doesn't like playing around with ingredients? If you're looking for something easy but delicious, consider taking this step:

  • Pick something both of you like and want to learn how to make (no one needs another batch of pasta).

  • Look for something healthier or healthier than what you'd typically eat (for example, kale salad instead of pasta salad).

  • Keep it simple—if this is your first time making the dish together, keep it simple!

Have a movie marathon, with an award ceremony at the end

Have a movie marathon, with an award ceremony at the end

There are so many fun things to choose from regarding this idea. You can go by genre (horror, comedy, drama), or by theme (animated films only!), or even pick out some of your favorite movies of all time. But there's one thing for sure: you'll want to ensure you have enough food and drinks! Make sure you have snacks available during the marathon; watching movies if you're hungry gets pretty dull! Maybe even consider having some snack themed after each film. For example, crackers shaped like miniature popcorn boxes for popcorn enthusiast films, gummy bears dressed up as hot dogs and fries for a meaty film night, etc. At the end of your movie marathon, take turns crowning someone as "King/Queen" based on their knowledge of all things cinema related (or just let them win based on what they've watched). This person will then get their little award ceremony complete with speeches—which could be anything from singing an ode about how excellent their knowledge is.

Rent a limo, and take a short road trip

Rent a limo for the evening and take a short road trip. Drive to a nearby town or city, perhaps stopping at a restaurant along the way to spend some quiet time together. If you're planning to drive, make sure you have enough gas.

Attend a comedy show

With all the pressure of planning a New Year's Eve date night, it's easy to forget that you can also go out and enjoy yourself. That's where comedy shows come in. They're a great way to spend time together as you celebrate the end of one year and prepare for what lies ahead in the next.

There are lots of places where you can find comedy shows on New Year's Eve: clubs, bars, restaurants—and even some hotels! You should consider choosing one that offers something special for your date night: maybe there are options for both food and drink (which will make those "getting ready" hours fly by), or perhaps they have delicious desserts at intermission that will leave everyone feeling satisfied by the end of the evening (no more regretting splurging on ice cream after dinner). No matter which venue you choose, ensure enough seats for both families and couples so everyone has a good view from their seats without having to peer over anyone else's shoulders or heads!

Have an in-home spa night

Have a spa day at home. If you don't have the space or funds to head to the spa, you can still have a relaxing afternoon at home with your partner. Purchase a package from Groupon and get everything you need for an in-home spa experience. You can use their hot tub, sauna, or steam room before getting your hair washed and styled for the evening by your partner with some help from some products purchased from Groupon! Then go on to enjoy each other's company while enjoying candles and music to set the mood for massage time! A hot stone massage is always a treat; it's great when done right since it'll leave both of your backs feeling relaxed after being worked out so much throughout the day! Next up is facial masks are perfect because they are fun to apply, whereas body scrubs might not be (but they're still very relaxing)! Finally, give yourselves time before heading out again: relax on the couch together while catching up on what happened during work hours today!

Try out some roleplay by staying in character all night.

Roleplay is a fun way to spice up your relationship, and it’s also great for getting to know each other better. It can be as simple as taking on different roles—like the “cowboy” or the “saloon girl” or whatever else you can think—or it could involve creating entire characters and settings complete with costumes and props. You can roleplay at home alone, with friends, or even with family members.

Dance the night away at a ball or party

If your date loves to dance, consider a ball or party. These events are a great way to get dressed up and have fun with other people who love dancing as much as you do. Plus, dances often have live music and an open bar! If you're unsure what type of dance is right for your partner, ask them what they like best—or if they've ever been to one.

You can do many fun things on New Year's Eve with your partner.

You can do many fun things on New Year's Eve with your partner. Here are a few of my favorite date night ideas:

  • Go ice skating at Rockefeller Center

  • Watch the ball drop in Times Square

  • Attend a midnight party at a local bar or restaurant (and make sure they have plenty of champagne!)

  • Stay home and enjoy each other's company, regardless of the time!

We all know that New Year's Eve is a big deal, and it can be stressful to plan the perfect date night. But we hope we've inspired you with our ideas for having fun without spending too much money or worrying about what others think. If anything, these ideas are just another reminder of the possibilities out there—and if they inspire your creativity, then even better!

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