Non-traditional Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Couples

Non-traditional Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Couples

Valentine's Day is fast approaching, and if you're like me, you've probably still got a lot of gifts to buy. If the traditional red roses, chocolates, and jewelry are getting boring (and expensive), why not consider choosing something a little more unique? Here are some ideas that might inspire your own non-traditional Valentine's Day gift:

A Gift Basket


  • The idea of a gift basket is pretty self-explanatory. You can find baskets at most grocery stores that come in all shapes and sizes. You can even make your own! Make sure to include a gift card for a meal out or maybe just some wine or other alcohol. It's always nice to have something sweet after dinner, so consider including dessert or a sweet treat. If you feel like going all out, throw in an old movie on DVD that you'll both enjoy watching together later on Valentine's Day night; perhaps even consider renting it from iTunes if there's nothing else available in stores near where you live (or your partner doesn't have reliable internet access). If none of that sounds appealing, but neither of you wants to give up the holiday entirely, there are always options like small stuffed animals!

A membership to a local museum, theatre, or gym

If you're looking for a gift that the whole family will enjoy, consider buying a membership to a local museum, theatre, or gym. These types of memberships are great for couples and families because they offer something for everyone. Whether you want to see the newest exhibit at your local art museum or take a class on improv comedy together, museums can offer you many opportunities to do so. Many theatres also have special family-friendly shows on weeknights, which means no fighting over who gets to sit next to their favorite character from Star Wars if your wife's called tickets for herself and her sister based on their shared birthday month (it's May).

Theater and museum memberships also offer value because they let people explore different art forms in one place: music concerts on stage, paintings hanging around every corner, sculptures outside each building—there is truly something for everyone! Gym memberships may seem more like an individual pursuit. Still, there are plenty of chances for couples' activities, such as taking fitness classes together, working out side by side at home while watching TV, or following along with online videos together (check out YouTube Channels like Tone It Up). The main point here is that this type of gift gives recipients access to experiences they wouldn't otherwise be able to afford so it can help foster stronger bonds amongst family members/friends.

A shared massage or trip to the spa

If you’re looking for a relaxing way to spend time together, consider spending the day at the spa. You can find spas in almost every town, and they offer many excellent services for couples: massages, facials, manicures, and pedicures. Depending on your budget and your available time, you may even get away with a quick trip to an hour-long massage session.

If going out isn’t your thing, but sitting around at home watching Netflix doesn’t sound like fun either (we understand), think about getting some supplies so you can give each other manicures or pedicures at home instead! Is the only thing better than getting pampered by someone else? Doing it yourself!

A pottery class or other art class

A pottery or other art class is another fun and creative activity you can do with your partner. Not only will you get to spend time together, but you'll also make something to remind you of the time spent together. And if the two of you enjoy working on the same project, it'll be a great way to bond over something uniquely yours. Plus, who doesn't love receiving handmade gifts? These classes are also great because they allow people who don't consider themselves artists to express themselves creatively in a way they probably never would've thought possible.

An evening at a comedy club or dinner show

Comedy is a great way to add fun and laughter to the holiday. Many comedy clubs and dinner shows offer Valentine's Day-themed entertainment so you can get into the spirit of the occasion.

A night out at a comedy club or dinner show can be a fantastic experience for couples—it's something that both partners can enjoy equally, unlike many other gifts that only one partner will appreciate (like jewelry). Plus, it makes for a memorable Valentine's Day because everyone has fun at these events!

To find a comedy club or dinner show near your area, just search online for "comedy clubs" or "dinner shows" and then look through all the results until you find one that suits your taste. Once you've found one that looks fun, book tickets now so that they're ready when February 14th rolls around!

A book of coupons for romantic back rubs, cooking dinner together, and so on

I know what you're probably thinking: "Coupons are so boring." But hear me out—coupons are an easy way to show your partner that you care and give them a little extra love on this holiday. And since they can be used whenever, not just on Valentine's Day (and not just for romantic activities), it makes them all the more special.

Here are some examples of coupons you could use:

  • A coupon for a romantic back rub

  • A coupon for cooking dinner together at home instead of going out to eat

  • A coupon for grocery shopping together

If you're looking for Valentine's Day gift ideas that are a little out of the box...

 For couples who have been together for a long time and don't need gifts: A book of poetry or short stories by an author you both enjoy is a thoughtful idea that shows you care about each other's interests.

  • For couples who have been together for a short time and want to grow closer: Try something like a self-defense class (and pretend it's not as awkward as it is), or sign up for cooking lessons together—both will help strengthen your relationship in ways that can't be manufactured by money alone!

  • For couples celebrating an anniversary: If this is your first year celebrating with each other, consider getting tickets to see your favorite band play live instead of buying another pair of socks or whatever other boring thing they recommend on Pinterest these days.

We hope we've given you some ideas for non-traditional Valentine's Day gifts. It can be hard to find something for your sweetheart that doesn't involve roses or chocolates, but hopefully, these suggestions will help! Check out our gift guide if you're looking for more inspiration on what else is out there. Happy Valentine's Day!

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