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Replace Greeting Cards with Personalized Canvas Prints

Greeting cards date back to the ancient Chinese era; where they were used to exchange messages of goodwill for celebrations. Since then, we’ve stuck on to them using them as a way to let the people we love know that we care for them.

However, that era, too is ending. Greeting cards are no longer the preferred means of communication, and that tradition is now being replaced by other means of showing gratitude and love.

This is where canvas prints come in. They are customizable and offer an endless choice of displays, letting you, as a gift-giver, decide what goes on there. Plus, canvas prints come in varying sizes and can be used as statement pieces as well.

What is a Canvas Print?

A canvas print is an image that is printed onto a canvas using an inkjet printer. Once the printing is complete, the canvas is stretched to be framed. However, canvas prints look great with or without framing.

The printed image is permanent with canvas printing, but it has many advantages that regular framed prints can’t compete against. Similarly, compared to canvas prints, greeting cards are out of date and not as versatile.

Here is why canvas prints are better than greeting cards:

romantic couple canvas art

Super Durable

Unlike greeting cards, canvas prints are super durable. That means you can keep them practically forever. Canvas prints also use high-quality ink to maintain the vibrancy of the print, compared to greeting cards that dull over time. Think of all the paintings found in museums and art galleries that have been there for centuries; these canvases are timeless.


There’s only so much you can show in a greeting card with its lack of space. Canvas prints are bright, vibrant, and artistic. The texture of the canvas enables the image to look elegant and expensive, making them a perfect décor piece for walls.


Another great thing about canvas printing is its cost. Printing on canvases is very cost-efficient. If you want to gift something statement-worthy without breaking your wallet, canvas prints do that for you.

Available in Different Sizes

Unlike greeting cards, canvas prints can be customized according to your wants and requirements. They come in a range of different sizes and styles, and you get to choose what works for you.

Beautiful Texture

One of the benefits of customized canvas printing is its texture. The canvas texture adds in a visual appeal to your décor and helps the photo stand out.

Color Options

Most importantly, canvas printing allows photo retouching. You can choose whether you want to brighten a photo, alter it to a classic black-white, or add a splash of color.


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