Romantic Date Night Ideas for Spouses

Romantic Date Night Ideas for Spouses

You and your spouse don't have to be at home to reconnect. You can have fun together, even hiking or riding bikes. And the best part? It doesn't have to cost anything!

1. A picnic.

Picnics are great for couples looking to reconnect. Even if you're not outdoorsy, picnic baskets can be used to create romantic dates in your own home. The most important part of a successful picnic is the food and drink! Choose something easy and not require too much preparation: sandwiches, fruit salad, and cookies are all great options. If you want to get fancy with it, try making your own bread or using fancier ingredients like cheese or meats.

If the weather permits it (or if you're feeling extra creative), a blanket can also be purchased at any dollar store and set up on the lawn while you enjoy your meal outdoors (weather permitting). Picnics can be more memorable by playing games together—think: croquet, washers, or bocce ball! The music doesn't have to stop either—don't forget about finding some speakers so that you don't miss out on listening to music together while enjoying each other's company outside under the stars!

2. Stargazing.

If you're looking for a date night that will give you a chance to reconnect with your spouse, try stargazing. Stargazing can be done as an indoor or outdoor activity or alone or with others.

The best place to stargaze is somewhere away from light pollution, such as a park in the middle of nowhere. Make sure you have everything you need for stargazing prepared before leaving home: blankets or camping gear are good things to bring along; snacks are always appreciated; and perhaps some binoculars if they're available (you don't want to strain your eyes trying to see through cheap telescopes).

3. Get away for the weekend.

Get away and enjoy each other! If you are trying to save money, try a local hotel instead of an exotic destination. You can use these days together to get away from the kids and the TV, internet, phone, and computer to focus on each other.

If you are feeling brave: Tell your boss that you need the weekend off because someone has been sick at home or tell him/her that something else is going on in your life that needs your attention.

4. Take a cooking class together.

Take a cooking class together. Learning new skills and recipes and having fun with your spouse are all great reasons to take a cooking class. You'll also be making memories together (and maybe even meet some new friends). It's a great way of doing something different together. Finally, it's cheaper than going out for dinner, plus you can eat what you make!

5. Recreate your first date, whether a cup of coffee at the local diner or a moonlit walk on the beach.

Recreating your first date is a beautiful way to get to know each other again and a great way to remember the good times. It can be as simple as treating yourselves to a cup of coffee at your favorite diner or going out for ice cream after putting the kids to bed. If you’re up for something more elaborate, go all out by dressing up in your finest clothes and going somewhere new. Don’t forget that this can also be done with kids—they will love it!

6. Plan an adventurous date -- snorkeling, zip lining, or even just taking turns picking places you've never been to before and wouldn't usually pick yourself.

If you're looking for something new, try snorkeling at a local beach or take a zip-lining tour. It doesn't have to be anything fancy or expensive -- just something exciting and adventurous that you can share as a couple.

If you've always wanted to learn to play an instrument or cook, this is your chance! If you're feeling incredibly daring, plan an overnight trip where neither of you knows what's in store for the next day. Leave all the details up in the air until after bedtime (and before breakfast).

7. A movie night at home with all your favorite snacks, and maybe even invite another couple over to watch a movie you all love with you!

  • Invite a friend or two to watch a movie with you and your spouse.

  • Have a movie night at home with all your favorite snacks and drinks.

  • Watch your favorite movies together on TV or streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go, etc.

8. Your wedding anniversary is an excellent excuse for a romantic date!

In addition to the traditional gift of paper and flowers (which you can find at your local flower shop), try planning something fun with your spouse. You could prepare a special dinner together, or go on a trip. If money's tight, you can even go for a walk together- quality time matters most!

9. Get dressed up in fancy clothes and go out to eat at an expensive restaurant like you did when you were dating (but hopefully, you can afford it better now than then!).

  • Get dressed up in fancy clothes and eat at an expensive restaurant like you did when you were dating (but hopefully, you can afford it better now than then!).

  • Make this a special occasion. If money is tight for your family, save for a special evening at the most expensive restaurant in town. You will be surprised by how special it feels to get dressed up, order something completely different than what your kids eat, and spend time alone with each other without distractions.

10. Holidays are always good for themed dates! Plan something special for Valentine's Day, Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year's Eve... any holiday works!

As we've already discussed, holidays are always good for themed dates! Plan something special for Valentine's Day, Christmas, Hanukkah, or any other holiday. You can also plan a themed date based on your wedding anniversary or the first date you ever went on. The possibilities are endless!

You need to schedule a time to connect with your spouse outside of work and family responsibilities.

You must schedule a time to connect with your spouse outside work and family responsibilities. This might seem obvious, but too many couples fall into a pattern where they only see each other when it's time for dinner or the kids are asleep. If you feel like your relationship lacks passion or excitement, this may be why.

Make sure you set aside quality time for the two of you regularly—even if it's just an hour here and there! Don't let work and family responsibilities get in the way of spending quality time together; schedule date nights or weekend getaways if necessary. The more often you spend time together without distractions, the stronger your marriage will be over time and during rough patches when life gets stressful.


We hope these ideas help you plan a romantic date night with your spouse. Don’t let the stress of life get in the way of enjoying each other!

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