The Best Anniversary Travel Destinations Around The World

The Best Anniversary Travel Destinations Around The World

Whether you want to celebrate your anniversary with a special trip or feel like getting away, anniversary travel is a great way to spend time with your partner. You don't have to go far, either. It can be an adventure in your backyard! We've put together a list of the most romantic places around the world that are perfect for celebrating your big day.

The best places to spend your anniversary

  • Explore the city.

  • Visit museums and galleries.

  • Have a romantic dinner with your partner at a fine-dining restaurant or somewhere else special to you both, like one of your favorite restaurants in town or even at home, if possible! Remember to dress up for this one--it'll be worth it!

  • See some famous landmarks together (like Mount Rushmore).


Paris is a city of romance and art. It is the capital of France and the largest city in the European Union. Paris has been one of the most visited cities in the world since it was first opened to international tourism with its debut at Expo 1900. You can find many things to do in this beautiful city, including going on a romantic boat ride down river Seine, visiting Notre Dame cathedral, or shopping at the Galeries Lafayette department store, which has been open since 1907! If you're looking for some great food, then try out any of these restaurants: Le Fouquet's Barriere Hotel & Spa (located inside Hotel George V), La Tour d'Argent Restaurant (located inside Hotel Royal Monceau), Pierre Gagnaire Restaurant (located inside Mandarin Oriental Paris) or Le Jules Verne Restaurant (located inside Eiffel Tower). The best time to visit Paris is between April and October since it doesn't rain much during those months compared with other times when rainstorms could ruin your trip plans!


Provence is a region in southern France famous for its lavender fields and vineyards. It's a great place to visit in the summer when you can enjoy festivals like Les Voix de la Mediterranee (the Mediterranean Voices Festival) or Les Nuits de Fourvières. Provence becomes an ideal destination for skiing enthusiasts who want to ski at resorts like Alpe d'Huez or Les Deux Alpes in winter.


Florence is a city in Italy home to many museums, galleries, churches, and landmarks. The birthplace of the Renaissance movement in art and architecture, Florence has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The city's most famous landmarks include The Medici Chapel (designed by Michelangelo), Ponte Vecchio ("Old Bridge"), Palazzo Pitti (once home to Cosimo I de Medici), and Santa Croce Church (where Dante Alighieri was buried).


Rome is a great city for its food, history, and architecture. It's also one of the most romantic places on Earth, which is not lost on many couples who choose it as their anniversary destination each year. But Rome isn't just for those celebrating anniversaries; anyone who loves history will find plenty to see here.

If you're looking for an affordable trip with lots of culture and excitement, this city may be perfect! You can spend your days exploring ancient ruins like the Colosseum or Vatican City before enjoying a delicious meal at night (or vice versa). The best time of year to go is in spring or fall when temperatures are milder than during summer months but still warm enough that tourists won't freeze their butts off while walking around town all day long!

New York City

New York City is a great place to celebrate your anniversary. This city has something for everyone, from Broadway shows to shopping and dining. Many romantic restaurants and hotels in New York City offer special menus for anniversaries, making it easy to find the perfect place for you and your partner.

If you want to spend time together as a couple on your big day, visiting one of these romantic restaurants will be perfect. For example, The Lido Restaurant at The Plaza Hotel offers an intimate atmosphere where couples can enjoy delicious food while overlooking Central Park South, or if you're looking for something more casual with friends/family, then head over to Le Cirque which serves French cuisine made with fresh ingredients daily by award-winning chefs who have worked at Michelin-starred restaurants around the world!

While this list is not exhaustive, it's an excellent place to start when you're looking for the best anniversary travel destinations worldwide.

If you're looking for something unique, these are all great options. If not, why not check out our guide on how to plan a romantic getaway?

We hope you have enjoyed reading about our top 5 Anniversary Travel Destinations. If you're looking for somewhere to spend your anniversary, consider one of these destinations!

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