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The Psychology Behind Gift Giving

Gift-giving has been a part of our lives from ancient times to help nurture and build social bonds. Soon, the act of giving gifts for the sake of it turned into a thoughtful process of choosing the right present for the loved ones.

As easily said, the task itself can be quite exhausting and stressful. However, psychology is here to help you. Here are three research findings to help you search for the perfect gift:

1. Giving The Gift Of Experience

We might have all heard someone tell us at some point in our lives that it's the thought that counts, and research suggests the same! Some presents help strengthen relationships more than other presents.

In a study, a group of friends was given $15 to choose a present as an experiential or material gift. Experiential gifts include a pass to movie tickets or barre class. The results revealed that the experiential gifts boosted relationship strength more than material gifts.

2. A Gift Should Reflect Who You Are

Contrary to common belief, research revealed that gifts that reflect the giver increase closeness between the receiver and the gift giver.

A study focused on "recipient-centric gifts" and "giver-centric gifts" and revealed that recipients of the present felt more valued when they received songs that revealed the giver's interests. So the next time you're trying to buy a gift for someone, consider their and your own interests and preferences as well!

3. The Gift Should Be Sentimental 

As humans, we strongly rely on sentiments, which rule most of the decisions we make. Similarly, a gift has significant sentimental value when it's emotionally laden and associated closely with the person we love.

Research evaluated whether recipients of gifts valued the cost of the present more or the sentimental value. The results proved that recipients felt more loved and appreciated upon receiving the latter, such as a personalized picture in a frame or a mixtape.


The Bottom Line

As gift-givers, we always find the answer to the "perfect" present for our loved ones and are willing to pay the highest price possible. In reality, we completely forget that there's nothing better than a personalized gift that makes the recipient feel closer to us than ever. Because that present truly shows how well you know the other person.

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