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Timeless Gifts That Won't Disappoint

The holiday season is lurking around the corners, with Christmas and New Year almost here. Every year, more than 93% of Americans spend an average of $1,000 on Christmas goodies for their loved ones. That's a lot.

But if you're willing to spend so much on a present, why not make sure it's a timeless piece that'll last forever?

Here are three present ideas that will make you the best gift-giver ever:

Indulge All Senses

When we think of present ideas as givers, everything seems tempting because you want to get done with the list. However, the best present is searching for the things you know the recipient would never buy themselves. Such as a basket filled with delicious delicacies of luxury food items.

Now you'd think, "What's the point? It'll be used once and finished. It'll be like we never even gave it.". While that is true, you forget about the experience you'll provide to the recipient by indulging all their senses; touch, smell, taste, feel, etc. The present might finish, but the memory will last forever.

Adding a Personal Touch

Giving your loved ones a homemade gift is the best way to make them feel extra special and loved. When doing so, try sticking to the areas where you've got the most strength. For example, if your best friend loves your sugar cookies, mix all the dry ingredients and pack them in a mason jar with handwritten instructions.

Or if you have exceptional knitting skills and your sister just had a baby, how about knitting a dress or wrap to welcome the little one? Everyone runs to the store when it comes to gifts; why not use your special skills when you're gifted with one.

A Secret Portal To What We Love

No matter where we are in life, there are certain places and people we truly love but don't get the chance to visit very often. When we are far away, we miss the feeling of sitting together with our loved ones, enjoying little things in life.

While it's not possible to visit friends and family far away every time we miss them, it sure is possible to give them a portal that helps them relive memories with you, such as beautifully framed pictures. Show them how much you miss the old memories by going the extra mile with personalized frames.

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