Top-Rated Anniversary Gifts - What to Buy for Every Year

Top-Rated Anniversary Gifts - What to Buy for Every Year

Finding the right anniversary gift is one of the hardest things about being in a long-term relationship. You want something that says, "I've been with you through thick and thin." And let's get real: it's not easy to find gifts for someone who has been with you for more than one year.

First Anniversary

The first year is a special time to celebrate your marriage, and the gifts you give should reflect that. If you're looking for something that says "I love you," try a song lyric canvas wall art from Etsy. It's simple but meaningful--and who doesn't want their partner's name written on their wall?

You can also get them something practical, like an Amazon Echo Dot or Google Home Mini. They'll love this gift because it will allow them to use voice commands instead of typing commands on a keyboard or screen!

Second Anniversary

Second-anniversary gifts are often a little more expensive and extravagant than the first. This year, you can go with song lyric canvas wall art or a gift card to your favorite restaurant. If you're feeling particularly romantic, consider flowers or wine as well.

Another option is jewelry--it's always a good idea to get something your partner will love!

Third Anniversary

If you're looking for a gift for your third anniversary, you might want to consider a song lyric canvas wall art. This is a great way to showcase your love and passion for music with something that will last forever.

You could also get some pillowcases that match the theme of your bedroom or living room. This is an easy way to add color and style without significant changes!

Another option would be getting her a necklace or bracelet with her birthstone. This way, she'll always have something close by reminding her how much she means to you! If jewelry isn't her thing, maybe try keychains instead. They're still pretty cute but also functional, so no one ends up complaining about having too many things on hand at once either way :)

Fourth Anniversary

The fourth anniversary is all about celebrating togetherness and the strength of your relationship. It's also the perfect opportunity to show your partner how much they mean to you by giving them a thoughtful, heartfelt gift that shows how much time and effort went into choosing it. For example, if your spouse has been interested in learning to play a musical instrument but hasn't had time due to work and family commitments, consider giving him or her a device, such as an acoustic guitar, so they can learn on their schedule--and maybe even start playing together!

Fifth Anniversary

Fifth anniversary gifts are the perfect opportunity to show your love in a way that will last a lifetime. Giving your spouse something that will always remind them of you and your relationship would be best. If they're not sentimental, this might be the year where it's appropriate! A meaningful and sentimental gift can be an incredibly thoughtful keepsake for years.

Sixth Anniversary

For the sixth anniversary, you can buy a song lyric canvas wall art to display in your home. It's an excellent way to show off your love for music and make an artistic statement simultaneously.

If you want something more practical, consider getting a couples massage together. This will give both of you some time away from work and family life so that when you return home, everything feels fresh again!

If neither of these options appeals much to either partner in this marriage, but there is still some interest in celebrating six years together, then why not plan a wine-tasting trip? The two of them could go somewhere like Napa Valley, where plenty of wineries are around, making it easier for them both - especially if one partner isn't really into wine but wants something fun instead! Another option would be taking time out from work/school to spend more time together doing something special (like watching movies or cooking meals).

Seventh Anniversary

For the seventh anniversary, you can give your partner a gift representing the seven virtues of love.

  • The first virtue is faithfulness: Your spouse has been faithful to you and will continue to be so. This means they won't cheat on you or stray from your relationship in any way.

  • The second virtue is generosity: Your spouse has given much of their time, money, and energy into building up this relationship with you over the years--and they will continue doing so as long as they live!

  • The third virtue is courtesy: Your spouse always treats others with respect and kindness regardless if those people are close friends or strangers who may not deserve such treatment (e.g., an angry driver).

Eighth Anniversary

If you're looking for a sentimental and meaningful gift, consider something that will last a lifetime. An heirloom piece is an excellent option for this milestone anniversary. For example, if your spouse loves to read, consider buying them their favorite book in hardcover or paperback form. If they enjoy sports memorabilia, purchase an autographed jersey from their favorite athlete or team--and maybe even throw in some tickets to see them play!

Song lyric canvas wall art

Song lyric canvas wall art is a great way to display the lyrics of your favorite song or even an entire album. It's different from other canvas wall art because it uses actual words printed on canvas and framed. There are many benefits to using this type of gift:

  • The recipient will be able to enjoy their favorite music whenever they want.

  • You'll be able to show off your music knowledge and how much you care about the person who receives it as an anniversary gift (or birthday present).

  • Song lyric canvas wall art makes an excellent talking point when people come over for dinner parties or social gatherings where guests can discuss what songs mean personally while looking at them hanging on the walls!


We hope you found this article helpful. It's a good idea to read up on the history of your partner's relationship before deciding what to get as an anniversary gift. Every year is special, and they'll appreciate that you took the time to do something thoughtful!

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