Unusual Gifts for Mom

Unusual Gifts for Mom

unusual gifts for mom



Mom is often the forgotten person in our lives. We spend so much time buying gifts for friends and relatives that sometimes our moms get left out of the conversation. But with the holidays approaching, we think it's important to remember that it doesn't have to be this way! If you're looking for an unusual gift for mom this holiday season, here are some ideas:

Give her a small and meaningful gesture.

Small gestures are meaningful. If you're looking for something to give your mom that doesn't cost much money, consider something small but significant. For example, if she likes going out to eat at her favorite restaurant, give her a gift card so she can enjoy herself there with friends or family. Or perhaps she'd prefer a nice potted plant as decoration in her home. A piece of jewelry that reminds her of your relationship is also an excellent choice (and something you can get engraved).

If your mother likes chocolate and sweets, consider getting her one of those little boxes filled with beautiful truffles or chocolates—or even better: make them yourself!

Give her a personal touch.

There's nothing better than a gift that's personalized. Nothing says, "I love you" like giving your mom an item with her name on it or one with her favorite saying or quote. If she loves Harry Potter and you know she has a thing for owls, try finding something with an owl motif on it and give it to her in place of flowers this Mother's Day.

What are some more ideas? You could try getting her a photo frame for the family photos she loves to keep so much, or maybe even one of those fancy photo albums where the pages are made out of wood (and come in all colors).

Let her have something she wants.

If mom wants a new pair of shoes, let her have them. If she wants to take another cooking class or learn to play piano, she should be able to do so. Don't worry about what other people think or what you think she will like; instead, make sure that the gift is something that makes your mother happy.

Don't worry about the cost either because this is an occasion for celebrating, and gifting does not need to be expensive. It can also be nice if you help her pay for part of it too!

It's time for you to relax and enjoy this momentous occasion together!

Give her something to do and experience.

  • Give her something to do and experience.

If your mom is a bit too cool to be excited by the latest trends in beauty products, gift her something that will sustain her interest and leave her feeling refreshed. Give her a spa experience or concert tickets; get tickets for both of you to see the latest blockbuster play or sporting event, or go for something a little more low-key like cooking classes—anything that can help lift her spirits and spark some excitement in her life will make for an excellent gift idea!

Give her time to relax.

Do you know the best way to relax? Time. Give your mom a break from her responsibilities and spend quality time with her. She will appreciate the thought of spending some time with you, even if she’s not good at taking breaks herself.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Give her a massage. It doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive—do it yourself!

  • Take her for a walk in the park or along the beach, if possible (or even through your neighborhood if weather permits). This can be especially nice on sunny days when no school or work is keeping either of you indoors all day long!

  • Have an impromptu picnic in your backyard under the shade of an apple tree while eating peanut butter sandwiches together (or any other favorite food). You can also eat inside and play board games instead!

Mom is often left out of the gift-giving conversation, but she'll be delighted by these ideas.

For many years, Mom has been left out of the gift-giving conversation. (Shame on us!) She deserves something special for Mother's Day this year. We've come up with a list of unique gifts that will delight her and show her how much you care.

  • Give her something she wants—That's right: If your mom has been asking for a new pair of jeans or earrings for months, get them for her! It doesn't matter if it's expensive or not—she'll be delighted by the thoughtfulness behind your choice.

  • Give her something to do and experience—Planning a picnic at the park? Taking a trip up north? Just getting candy isn't enough; make it an adventure by adding activities like hiking or fishing along the way. You can also offer tickets to events like concerts or plays and museums and zoos close by so they can visit while they're still around town!

  • Let her have something she wants—We aren't talking about expensive stuff here, just little things that remind us why we love being mothers (and hopefully also help us feel better when we're worn down). A bouquet that smells good enough to eat could work well here because they'll last longer than some other types - unless maybe lilies are your thing - then go ahead :) . . . remember what kind of flowers were given out during school assemblies when we were younger!


We hope this list has given you some ideas for the perfect gift for your mom. The most important thing is to think about her kind of woman and what she would like to have. There are so many options available that can make any gift special—from handmade crafts to new experiences. If all else fails, remember that time spent together is well spent!

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