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Wedding Gift Etiquette Everyone Should Know

Weddings are joyous moments, but you’re usually left wondering what to give the couple as their wedding gift every time you accept an invitation. Although gifts aren’t mandatory, they should be well-thought-out.

 So, the questions arise: what should you gift them? How much should you spend? What’s wedding gift etiquette?

Luckily, we can guide you so you can be the best wedding guest ever. Here are a few things to consider about wedding gifts:

How Much Should You Spend on a Wedding Gift?

The gift you get the couple depends on your relationship with them. The closer you are to them, the more you should spend. If you don’t know the couple very well, you don’t have to spend a lot: keep your budget within $25 for them. However, if it’s someone close to you, it’s okay to spend as much as $200 on a gift.

Moreover, if they have listed a registry on the invitation card, you can browse through the store where they registered and see any options that you like. Go through the products to select the one gift that fits your budget and is perfect for the couple.

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What’s the Ideal Time to Buy and Send a Wedding Gift?

You can send the gift as soon as you receive the wedding invitation, but if you don’t send it at that time, you definitely need to send it as close to the wedding as possible. You can also bring the gift to the wedding, but that trend is slowly fading out.

People usually shop online and ship the gift directly to the couple.

Should You Use the Couple’s Registry for a Gift?

Although you don’t have to look at the couple’s registry for a gift, it’s highly recommended that you do (unless you know the couple very well and can gift them something they’d love). You want to gift the couple something they want, and that’s why they have a couple’s registry.

 Shopping off-registry can be a risk; you may end up getting the couple something they already have, or don’t need.

Do You Need to Send a Gift if You RSVP “No” to the Wedding?

Well, not really. You don’t have to send a gift if you aren’t going to the wedding, but it’s still a nice gesture to do so. Do consider the relationship you have with the couple, and then decide.

If you’re not super close, send a card, but if you’re close to them, then send something special and more meaningful.

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