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Why Greeting Cards Are No Longer In

Greeting cards have been used for centuries to express sentiments, but with the rise of the digital era, the future of greeting cards is uncertain. Everything has evolved, and so has the art of gift-giving. The greeting card industry's sales have been steadily declining at a rate of 3 percent, and between 2013 to 2018, retail space occupied by greeting cards declined by more than 27 percent.

People No Longer Want Generic Sentiments

Greeting cards work on the principle of generic statements that the majority can relate to. However, the personalization gift industry is expected to reach nearly USD 41.3 Billion by 2026. These stats show that people want something special, customized to do the talking. They’re over generic statements and sentiments and want personal connections. This is visible by the rise of custom-made gifts, including custom canvas prints, mugs, t-shirts, keychains, and so much more!

Limited Selections to Choose From

Greeting cards carry generic statements and don’t have many selections to choose from. How do you tell someone what they mean to you with just a “Thinking of You” card? There’s nothing expressive about it, nothing sentimental that says, “I remembered you when our song came on” or “I know how much you love your pet, so I had a custom pet portrait made for you.”

There isn't much variety in greeting cards, not the kind that can be found with personalized gifts anyway.


Lack of Creativity in Greeting Cards

Another thing that has led to the decline of greeting cards is their lack of creativity. Their entire purpose is to represent feelings, sentiments, something that tells someone they're being thought of in good times and bad. Greeting cards come with generic statements, subpar illustrations, and a lack of connection. People dig connection, want to remember, express their feelings loudly and vocally, and greeting cards just don’t do it.

Personalized canvas prints, on the other hand, are brimming with sentiments and care. They show the recipient that someone remembers little things about them and is special and thought of.

What’s Next for Greeting Cards?

The greeting card industry is still up, but a decline is visible. With better options in the market, it’s unsurprising that the cards aren’t able to compete. For gifts that express love, people turn toward canvas prints that last for a long time and can be customized easily.

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